TIMELESS TAPESTRY: A Journey Through Namibia

WORDS Gina Dionisio PHOTOS  Shawn van Eeden; Artist’s own

TIMELESS TAPESTRY, a group exhibition currently on display at BELLHAUS Atelier & Galerie until 13 April, creates a profound connection between Namibia, its people, and the land.

No one can deny that Namibia has a truly magical landscape worth exploring. Visitors often view it as a utopia and a haven, while locals sometimes overlook the enchantment that lies within their land.

Curator and owner of the Namibian gallery, Andrea Behnsen says “I wanted artists outside of Namibia to remind us that we live in a remarkable, multifaceted country. Visitors know this, but it’s almost like Namibians still need convincing.” She hand-picked the artists showcasing in the TIMELESS TAPESTRY exhibition and collaborated with a few to create original pieces for the showcase.

Thirteen artists from outside Namibia were invited to create and contribute their unique impression of the country through mixed mediums. The artists showcasing at TIMELESS TAPESTRY are Amy Ayanda, ANHA, Cara Saven, David Ross, Gregg Price, John Bauer, Lucie De Moyencourt, Marilila Kyrtata, Marlene Neumann, Michael Chandler, Renee Rossouw, Something Good Studio and Wanderland.

David Ross

Suspended in the gallery, the six brass-toned mobiles, created by Fine art photographer David Ross, seem completely weightless. They defy gravity, dancing with the breeze like a Namibian sandstorm.

Renee Rossouw

With the use of oryx, designer Renee Rossouw carved the county’s quintessential contrasts into wood to further define the desert land. The result is a dopamine hit of colour to the dramatic Namib Desert.

Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler of Chandler House, best known for painting ceramics, dabbled with oil on canvas board. Inspired by the humble rock and its role as a cultural fossil record, the artist has illustrated a series of nine paintings through observing the nuances of different rock angles.

John Bauer

Renowned ceramicist John Bauer showcases the essence of Namibia with his signature matchbox tile mosaics in uncanny colour palettes. For Bauer, the magic of Namibia lies in our endless space. “It is as if all that space makes more room in your soul,” says the artist.

Cara Saven

Cara Saven, who is best known for Cara Saven Wall Design, collaborated under Cara Saven 4 Decor (CS4D) with curator Andrea on table linen that injects contemporary flair to the symbols we associate with home – a marula fruit, coastal pelicans and the desert rain beetle illustrated by Marilila Kyrtata.

Lucie De Moyencourt

Lucie De Moyencourt, the beloved Cape Town based international ceramic shell artist known for her use of bold colours, crafted unique pieces that mirror the view from a small aircraft, soaring over the geological wonders from above. The lines, layers and colours used, paired with the shell shape the artist is known for, perfectly depicts the ancient earthen details in plain sight throughout the country.

TIMELESS TAPESTRY, a group exhibition of fine art, earrings, textiles, mobiles, ceramics, and photography is showing at the BELLHAUS Atelier & Galerie at 18 Bell Street in Windhoek until 13 April 2024.

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