The Ultimate Glass: Riedel

WORDS Tracy Greenwood & Cheri Morris

The size and shape of a glass can really enhance the bouquets and flavours of a wine, as Riedel has proven.

More than 50 years ago, Claus J Riedel of the Riedel Glassware company, a 260-year-old family-owned Austrian glassware firm, realised that the balance and finish of a wine is affected by the shape of the glass from which it is sipped. Riedel, a company that has always prided itself on producing superior stemware, embarked on a process of testing shape and form before launching a range of varietal-specific wine glasses.

“When wine is coupled with the right glass you can expect the quality and intensity of aromatics to be increased, the mouth feel of the wine to be delivered uninterrupted, a more balanced interactivity between flavours, and a seamless and pleasantly long-lasting after taste,” says Graeme Woolley of Wine Essentials & Riedel Shop.

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