The Truth gets curiouser

The latest news from our favourite coffee joint, Truth HQ, is that it has been declared the best coffee shop in the world! This is just shortly after they unveiled their flashy steampunk coffee dispenser by industrial designer Chris Jones. We chatted to coffee maverick David Donde and the wacky young Chris in this delightful video.

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In the new SPRINGLOADED VISI 68, we further interrogate industrial designer Chris Jones about the rest of his work, for which he scouts Cape Town’s junkyards computer hard drives, copper plumbing and other such stuff – all in the name of art. 

Chris’s career path took an unexpected turn when he went searching for industrial parts needed to build Truth Coffee’s flashy steampunk coffee dispenser. He started collecting and making stuff for himself and built up a range of psychedelic steampunk assemblages and sculptures. Some even work! We had to know more.

What is it about steampunk?

It stirs in me something of a slower time, of Victorians in elaborate clothing; fine living, quality materials and products; excitement about science, discovering and inventing all kinds of possible technologies.

Tell us about your Apple Keyboard desk light?

When it’s standing on a desk, I call it useful; when it’s standing next to a PC, I call it art. It’s a dimmable, adjustable LED desk light inspired by an old Apple keyboard.

What is unique about your sculptures?

The strange meeting of unusual found pieces often inspires my sculptures. I like how the different parts some-how belong together. I never know exactly how each sculpture will look when I begin.

What’s next?

I’ve started building a fun contraption for a coffee roaster in Pretoria – steampunk style – and I’m keen to collaborate with other artists.