Design stable

TV’s design-it-yourself darling Aidan Bennetts is onto new things. Feeling that Cape Town lacked a centrally located showroom of high-end South African furniture design with which to impress next year’s crowds of international design connoisseurs, he did it himself. And so, with pride and without prejudice, we asked Mr Bennetts about his new venture, Stable.

How is Stable different from the other design destinations popping up in Cape Town?

The key difference is the mix of designers and products. Stable’s offering is unique in that it provides an insight into my personal journey. There are products by designers with whom I’ve crafted long relation-ships, and those who I’ve studied and revered since I began designing. All of them have a unique sensibility, always presenting a high calibre of innovation and outstanding quality. This is what drew me to their work originally and continues to inspire me; my aim at Stable is to share this with you.

Which designers are represented?

There are over 30 designers from across the country, ranging from furniture to jewellery and stationery. These include Dark Horse, Essie Letterpress, Hout Couture, Indigi Designs, James Mudge, Kraftisan, Wolf & Maiden and Mr Fox.

Will we still see you on TV?

For now my work with Top Billing is taking a backseat as I focus on my businesses. However, you can catch me on the small screen on Wednesday mornings on Expresso.

Stable, 65 Loop Street, Cape Town, 021 426 5094,