The Transformative Power of Colour in Interior Design

In Living Colour: Colour Tips

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Leading local interior designers share their top colour and decor trends of the moment.

Local interior designers Tshepo Sealetsa Studio, Infinitude Design and Cocoa Bean Interior Design Studio join forces with Plascon to showcase unique design concepts at this year’s Decorex Joburg. The event highlighted a common theme: how the right paint colour choices can pull a room together. 

local interior designers on colour

Tshepo Sealetsa, the designer behind the eponymous Pretoria-based studio, says that a trend that resonated with him deeply during Decorex Joburg, is the ‘infusion of vivid and dynamic colours into our daily living spaces’. “This evolving trend doesn’t only speak volumes about our collective yearning for uplifting aesthetics but underscores the transformative power of colour within our living environments,“ he says. His top tip for using colour to transform a space? To just “let go of the fear of colour and choose colours that make you most happy“.

Going Green

Currently, his favourite colour combination is hues of sage and pine greens, which he describes as offering a “holistic aesthetic experience.”

local interior designers on colour

Cocoa Bean Interiors is a multidisciplinary design studio and creative consultancy founded by Deanne McBride in 2001. For Decorex, Deanne found herself working with a colour palette she would not generally gravitate towards, incorporating more vibrant colours rather than her usual muted neutrals. These shades inspired her to encourage decorators to ‘explore colour and don’t be afraid!’ “The beautiful richness of colour combined with the right balance of calm can elevate your space to another level,“ she says.

Shades of Brown

One particular colour trend that caught her attention is ‘brown is the new black‘, which sees warmer brown hues, like rich chocolate brown and gentle caramels, replacing the cooler black and grey tones that have dominated minimalist design for years.

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