The Stripe Collection by JUPITER 10

WORDS Cheri Morris

Jupiter 10 recently launched its Stripe Collection, the brand’s third collection of bold wallpapers, which celebrates the simplicity of the stripe. 

The brainchild of fashion-cum-interior designers Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke, the Stripe Collection follows the success of Jupiter 10’s first two collections, Modernist I and Modernist II, which explored contemporary Mid-Century-inspired design. True to Jupiter 10’s impactful style, the new collection, which follows both fashion and interior design trends, delivers 18 striking designs that will breathe textured life into any space.

The Stripe Collection explores one of the world’s most recognised patterns, through an inventive scope that sees the playful rendering of shape and form. Each design offers a unique perspective on the relationship between vertical, horizontal and intertwined stripes and a contemporary colour palette.

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