The Simple Way to Paint

The Simple Way to Paint


Simply Colour is here to change the way South Africans think about paint. Simply Colour’s concept is, well, simple: take the Colour Expert quiz, order peel + stick swatches, choose your colour, buy supplies, and then paint. 

Finally, Painting Made Simple

If any industry has been hankering for disruption and modernisation, it’s the paint industry. Choosing colours, understanding complicated paint jargon and purchasing the correct supplies are all hurdles that intimidate and overwhelm the everyday consumer. Simply Colour is the antithesis of traditional and archaic paint and hardware stores. Simply Colour was created to eradicate the confusion and inconvenience one usually encounters when purchasing paint. Farewell to the outdated hardware store and their generic paint brands, because Simply Colour now enables you to purchase paint online and have it delivered to your door. The brand also donates a percentage of all sales to their Simply Care Initiative which provides paint to GBV Shelters across SA.

Three-Step Purchasing Process:

Although paint is the cheapest and easiest way to transform your space, choosing and purchasing paint is overwhelming and exasperating and requires multiple (bothersome) trips to the hardware store. To eradicate these pain points, Simply Colour has created a three-step process for choosing your colour and purchasing your paint. Step one: choosing your colour is made exciting and simple with ‘The Colour Expert’ (an AI Bot/quiz) which asks you relevant questions about your space and then suggests three colours for you to consider. The questions include; room type, light, décor style and the mood you’d like the space to have. ‘The Colour Expert’ was created with expert advice from interior designers, trend analysts and colour psychologists. Step two: purchasing the paint, is both simple and efficient with features such as; a paint calculator to help calculate how much paint you require and a curated offering of supplies to ensure that you can have everything you need to complete your paint project. With simple descriptions and instructions on our blog, DIY fiends and novices alike can shop without any uncertainty or confusion. Step three: painting your space. With revolutionary peel + stick swatches, paint that contains little to no VOCs (those nasty Volatile Organic Compounds) and is odour-free paint and delivery to your door in eco-friendly packaging, Simply Colour is the new way to paint.

Revolutionary Peel + Stick Swatches:

To ease scepticism about purchasing paint online, Simply Colour not only offers but also encourages consumers to purchase our peel + stick swatches (goodbye outdated and messy tester pots). The swatches are repositionable vinyl stickers (with 100% colour accuracy) which eradicates the need for outdated tester pots which cause mess and stress. With Simply Colour, there is a better way to sample paint.

Inspiring Consumers:

Simply Colour was created to simplify, inspire and empower. As an online-only paint brand, it offers everything a modern day consumer needs and wants including collaborations with sought-after local brands like Pina Jewels and Mash T for limited edition collections of on-trend items in their signature colours. Simply Colour’s products can be purchased directly from their Instagram or on their website. Showcasing their colours online will inspire consumers to update their own space with a few clicks, from the comfort of their home.