How To Create Meaning with Stone

Stone Connection

Stone Connection offers the highest quality granite, marble, sandstone, quartz and onyx in a wide variety of colours and finishes.

There are two main types of stone: natural and engineered. Just like human fingerprints no two pieces of natural stone are exactly the same. Each slab of natural stone is unique with its own singular vein structure and colour composition. Natural stone lends this uniqueness to the space itself while engineered stone allows for a more homogenous look and feel.

Granite is one of the toughest stones and is highly resistant to heat and moisture which makes it perfect for exterior surfaces. Granite stone has a more structured, granular look and the stone’s low porosity makes it the ideal stone for kitchens and bathrooms. 

Marble comes in a variety of colours and is the stone most strongly associated with luxury and sophistication. Marble typically has a creamy appearance which contributes to the warmth and romance of a space. Designers should be aware that marble needs to be properly sealed to protect from stains

Onyx is a type of marble and also comes in a wide range of colours but is much more translucent which allows for the creative use of light in design. For example, in backlit walls.

Sandstone is an earth toned stone used for a variety of purposes, for both indoor and outdoor application. Sandstone is highly resistant to damage from exposure to direct sunlight and heat. This makes sandstone the ideal material for cladding façades, edges around pools, garden paths, and fireplaces.

Quartz is an engineered product made of quartz stone powder and resin. Quartz is a stone ideally suited for a more congruent look and may only be used for particular exterior applications.

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