The Round 2022 Collection by ROUND STUDIOS

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Inspired by the work of Josef and Annie Albers, ROUND STUDIOS‘ new innovative flat-pack lighting collection explores the fundamentals of colour theory.

For architects Paul and Colleen Wygers, starting a bespoke design studio was a natural evolution in their architectural careers. “Over the years we have designed and facilitated the manufacture of a variety of crafted items through our practice Urban Solutions, so we decided to focus our efforts in a more formal way,” explains Paul. And so ROUND STUDIOS was born.

ROUND STUDIOS has allowed the husband-and-wife team to add a new scale to the projects they have undertaken previously while incorporating design influences and theories they have been interested in throughout their careers.

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Their first exciting collection is a vibrant flat-pack range of nine luminaires. The ROUND 2022 COLLECTION is a direct result of duo’s interest in the work of Josef and Annie Albers. “During lockdown we became interested in the teachings of Josef Albers and particularly in his colour theories. We started experimenting with colour layering in a self made light box and the results grew into an experiment of hue and perspective,” says Paul. “The experiment continues daily as we continue to indulge in Josef Albers methods of practical exploration,” he adds.

Paul and Colleen experimented with many colour combos for the first collection but ultimately settled on honey gold and red for the interior of the luminaires. These hues gives off a warm glow and are the most compatible colour combo when paired with any one of the five standard exterior colours offered in the collection. Besides the standard colours, there is also a special range of Josef Albers colour combos (Albers #1 to #5) inspired by his “Ode to the Square” paintings.


After trying out a variety of materials, the duo ultimately decided to use PET for the ROUND 2002 COLLECTION. “We started with powder-coated aluminium but it was too expensive, unsustainable and the colour choices were limited. Acrylic was too brittle and difficult to recycle. We settled on PET because it ticks a lot of boxes for us. It’s able to accept small tolerances, is more pliable and therefore stronger than acrylic. and it’s 100% recyclable,” explains Paul.

The future of ROUND STUDIOS looks bright – the duo already have two new collections in prototyping. “The Albers Collection draws inspiration from both the geometry and colour combinations of Josef Albers’ “Ode to the Square” series and the Tube Collection is a minimalist structure covered in a printed and patterned external skin that we are collaborating on with some local graphic designers,” says Paul. “We hope to launch the Tube Collection in the next couple of weeks.”

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