The Mill Fabrics Felt Range

The Mill Fabrics Felt range

WORDS Gina Dionisio

The Mill Fabrics dynamic new Felt range is made exclusively from recycled plastic bottles, turning waste into usable, functional products.

“Reduce, reuse, recycle” is the ethos behind The Mill Fabric’s new Felt range made from recycled PET Felt. With more than 12 plastic bottles in every meter, the brand can cut and package the non-woven textile with the knowledge that they’re reducing the global landfill problem.

There are multiple uses for this Felt which has a firm, stiff and strong structure, lending itself to acoustic panels, walling, screens and pinboards as well as a host of contemporary accessories such as bags, hats, notebook sleeves, placemats and more.

This new ‘green’ range comes in three trendy shades of Recycled PET Felt – “Bowtie, Cravat and Cufflink” (black, mottled charcoal and mottled light grey), which are all on point with modern decor trends.

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