On The Surface: The 2024 Infinity Furniture Collab

WORDS Gina Dionisio PHOTOS Supplied

A new furniture collaboration by Infinity Surfaces pushes the boundaries of design.

Launched at 100% Design Africa which formed part of Decorex Cape Town in June, the one-of-a-kind furniture pieces created by four local designers in collaboration with Infinity Surfaces were a testament to South African craftsmanship.

Tanisha Neill, Mpho Vackier, Tshepo Sealetsa and Walter Train each created a unique piece guided by heritage:


2024 Infinity Surfaces Furniture Collab – the B D Screen by N I S H

Tanisha Neill’s design philosophy celebrates both the restrictions and possibilities that chosen materials and techniques present in the design process.

The B D Screen, named after her grandfather, celebrates bold and grand design. To complement the warm-tone timber she chose, Tanisha was drawn to the matte finish of Chianca di Ostuni as well as its interesting texture, both visually and to the touch. This soft, neutral stone, with its cloud-like creamy base, is interspersed with a range of warm beige tones.

The collaboration allowed her to explore a new design approach with a three-leafed screen incorporating warm wood, lattice detail, brass hinges, and stone inlays — a move away from Tanisha’s usual clean linear lines towards bold organic shapes.

Mpho Vackier

2024 Infinity Surfaces Furniture Collab – Nasara Console by Mpho Vackier of The Urbanative

Mpho Vackier, the visionary designer behind The Urbanative, weaves African stories into stunning furniture.

For the Nasara Console, Mpho and her team were drawn to Calacatta Hermitage – a crisp white stone with dramatic veins in a neutral taupe shade accented by bold streaks of darker grey and bright gold.

The console, combined with powder-coated steel, sustainable red oak, and brass accents, tells a multi-layered story inspired by Queen Nasara, a prolific female leader in a patriarchal tribe. Rounded corners and curved stone shapes are inlaid into wooden doors and finished with modern brass knobs.

Tshepo Sealetsa

2024 Infinity Surfaces Furniture Collab – the Basadi Drinks Cabinet by Tshepo Sealetsa

Tshepo Sealetsa’s design philosophy extends beyond conventional architectural boundaries. As a product and architectural interior designer, he embraces luxury in the home through his passion for personal spaces and the desire to help people tell their stories through design.

The Basadi Drinks Cabinet is designed with Royal Peacock stone as its muse. Inspired by green Brazilian marble, the Royal Peacock engineered surface blends the rich tropical hues of the rainforest with the regal teals and sheen of majestic peacock feathers.

Swirling cool earth tones are complemented by warm brass and wood accents. Inspired by the women in his life, Tshepo designed this functional cabinet to be beautiful from all angles, featuring curved brushed brass handles and cylindrical legs that bring a softness to the design. The wood interior includes shelving backed by a mirror and downlit with lighting strips, ideal for displaying and storing glassware. The lower half features bottle storage, creating the perfect entertainer cabinet.

Walter Train

2024 Infinity Surfaces Furniture Collab – The God’s Iris Table by Walter Train

Storyteller, designer, and artist Walter Train has always been drawn to art and sculpture. Fascinated by the way things are put together and interested in how people interact with design, Walter uses colour to evoke emotions and bring excitement to his designs.

The God’s Iris Table is inspired by Walters’s faith and his belief that we are meant to bring light to the spaces we occupy. As a nod to Infinity Surfaces’ Italian heritage, further inspiration from the Italian Renaissance period drew him to the blue hues of Thunderstorm and Ocean Blue. Ocean blue offers a darker, moody blue, while Thunderstorm features striking cerulean veining – both showing crisp white formations with golden-toned blooms.

Representing divinity, royalty, serenity and purity, the blue tones with warm accents are beautifully paired with smooth dark wood and brass inlays. The combination of matte and gloss stone finishes brings depth and visual interest to this statement piece. Set atop a tapered wood base, the intricate circular top features a meticulously crafted pattern inlaid with brass and illuminated by an internal light.

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