The 2020 Bold Print Of The Year Has Been Revealed


Created in collaboration with talented South African designer Sir Abner, the 2020 Bold Print of the Year has been announced.

The winning print, entitled The Populist, is inspired in part by Desiderius Pongrácz, who revolutionised South African viticulture by challenging and changing the status quo through his visionary ideas.

The design is also inspired by postal art/correspondence art, a popular artistic movement that focused on sending small-scale artworks via the postal service.

Sir Abner designed a code – EOIC 3ULD – which, when folded upwards, translates to BOLD, reflecting the pioneering spirit of Desiderius Pongrácz.

Sir Abner transformed the military camouflage print that symbolises camaraderie and bravery, into black and white, and infused the design with the Shangaan Bag, which represents hope, courage and optimism.

In keeping with Sir Abner’s extraordinary ability to weave ideas, design, fashion and culture into a single vision, the 2020 Bold Print of the Year makes an original statement.

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