Summer Cooling Tips

saint gobain

WORDS Michaela Stehr

As the temperatures starts to climb, we’re looking for ways to keep cool. You don’t have to always reach for the AC remote, however.

Passive cooling is less expensive and kinder to the environment. Developer Gavin Rooke, one of the masterminds of the Saint-Gobain Stand 47 case study house, has some tips for keeping out the heat this summer.

  • Insulation isn’t just about warmth in winter. Minimise radiated and conducted heat coming through walls and ceilings by using the correct insulation.
  • Use Aerolite insulation on the ceiling to drastically lower heat gain and moderate your indoor temperature.
  • In summer, brick walls store heat and radiate warmth long after the sun has set. On cold nights, they absorb the heat you generate inside.
  • Use Weber’s External Thermal Insulation Composite System to insulate against direct sunlight.

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