Summer Accessory: Air Sofas

WORDS Cheri Morris

An air sofa is the most comfortable thing for chilling poolside, on the beach or at a picnic.

The appeal of an air sofa is that it is ridiculously easy to inflate. You just open the bag against the breeze (or move it briskly while holding it open) to fill it with air, roll the open end to form an airtight seal, and buckle to secure the seal – and you have a lounger!

The air sofas we found on are light yet durable, so you can set them up almost anywhere. They are easily deflated and fold away into a matching carry bag no bigger than a small backpack. Some of them have a loop to stake it down with a tent peg and a pocket for a phone, wallet or keys. They come in a range of colours, from olive green to watermelon pink.

The air sofas range between R699 and R899 – view them here on