Staggered Cabin by Mork Ulnes Architects

WORDS Cheri Morris RENDERS Ver3d and Mork Ulnes Architects

Staggered Cabin by Mork Ulnes Architects features shed-roofed volumes that allow it to merge with its sloping site at the meeting point between South Lake Tahoe and the foot of rolling mountains.

Located at an elevation of over 1800 m, Staggered Cabin comprises three dark stained cedar-clad volumes stepped down an alpine slope. Contemporary with site-centred design, it maximises functionality whilst maintaining a gentle approach to the land.

Compact exterior courtyards afforded by its configuration allow unkempt natural surrounds to be the focal point: boulders, towering Jeffrey pines and a level patch of earth dappled in sunlight. Glimpses of the lake and mountains in the distance broaden the focus and link the site to its unspoiled setting.

Staggered Cabin by Mork Ulnes Architects

Inside, the 1000 sqm cabin features plywood finishes and sleeping quarters set about a central living/dining space that opens onto the outdoors on either side. Ample mezzanine space is afforded by the steeply pitched shed-roof geometry, while large windows allow inhabitants a peek into the tree canopy.

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