Sou Fujimoto’s BookChair

WORDS Mary Garner

Renowned Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has designed an innovative BookChair for Italian brand Alias.

The design allows the user to use the shelf and chair combination to store books, as well as take a seat. The minimalist design is as practical as it is intuitive and stylish. The BookChair is made from wooden fibre panels and the back of the chair is formed from a single piece of wood.

‘‘BookChair comes to life through the aggregation of a new element, the chair within the bookcase, based on a concept that aims to reflect the basic, fundamental relationship between a book and its reader,” says Sou. The symmetry between the bookshelf and the chair that a reader makes use of has certainly been taken into consideration.

“The bookcase becomes an element of the environment where it is installed, playing an active, continually changing role,” shared Alias. “The brand recently launched a similarly hybrid set of furniture by Nendo, which blended tabletops with giant bowls.”