Wiid Design X Ceramic Matters Table Collection

WORDS Amelia Brown IMAGES Henrique Wilding

Local designer Laurie Wiid van Heerden, founder of Wiid Design, shares the studio’s latest collaboration with Ceramic Matters.

The range of ceramic tables includes a 1.8m drop-leaf dining table, fitted with 45 custom-made ceramic tiles, and two side tables featuring three tiles each. The tables are made from American walnut and custom steel components.

The creatives became friends after travelling to Switzerland in 2013 where they exhibited at Design Miami/Basel as part of Southern Guild. The friendship has resulted in several successful collaborations including a hand-drawn bench and ceramic vases.

“Personally, I find it easy to collaborate when there is a mutual respect for each other’s work, especially if there is an established friendship and trust,” explains Laurie. “Ceramic Matters are true specialists in their trade – always professional with a great knowledge of design and materials.”

About the process, he says, “We finalised the overall concept together. My studio focused on the design work, construction, proportions and technical aspects relating to the steel and timber components; Ceramic Matters advised on how we could incorporate tiles and how their manufacture would be challenged by the design parameters.”

Once the technicalities were ironed out and prototypes were made, colours could be chosen. Each reactive glazed tile is unique, as colour differences occur during firing. The collection was finally assembled and finished at Wiid Design’s studio in Cape Town.

It’s another stunning example of local creative studios joining forces to create something utterly unique.

Keep track of Wiid Design (@wiid_design), who are among the creatives featuring at Le BHV Marais in Paris until 31 July 2017, and Ceramic Matters (@ceramicmatters) on Instagram.