Something Desired’s MIA Range For Kids

WORDS Mary Garner

Cape Town- and Joburg-based decor brand Something Desired has launched a brand-new range of kids’ furniture, entitled MIA (Maria, Imogen and Archie).

“This range was really true to my heart,” says founder Kate Shepherd. “We have developed many products, designs and ranges but this one was not just born out of prettiness and necessity but out of experience, out of hindsight and out of knowing that these pieces would be important to mothers and families. Both Nelia (our designer) and myself have children and this was a true collaboration, so I felt to honour her she needed to be a part of the range’s name as well. These products were shaped from our own experience with our kiddies, therefore we felt they needed to head up the range’s key name.”

Included in the collection is an all-in-one compactum that comes complete with plenty of storage space, a bathtub, changing area and compartments for products. MIA also includes fun, contemporary chairs, a bed with a large storage compartment, tables, shelves, frames, chalkboards and lamps.

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