SOFACOMPANY’s New Spring Collection

WORDS Cheri Morris

SOFACOMPANY‘s Spring Collection is dually inspired by the seductions of spring and the concept of ‘dopamine dressing’.

Dopamine Dressing is having a moment and it’s one of the most exciting trends to pop up in 2022. The trend revolves around the theory that wearing bright colours can induce a hit of feel-good brain chemicals. Design and decor brands have latched onto this fun colour trend, too. Think: organic shapes that translate the world of wearable fashion and colour into living environments.

Expect SOFACOMPANY’s usual commitment to quality craftsmanship, clean lines and functional art forms that never go out of fashion.


The collection features a single- and three-seaters in a gentle-yet-enlivening palette of pastels – Moss Sun, Moss Grass and Firenze Bubblegum – but also an array of neutral tones that honour the Danish brand’s ode to timeless design.

The Babette Chair in Sun Moss

Judi Chair in Firenze Bubblegum

Anna 3 Seater Moss Grass Green Couch

To the latter point, the designers specifically sought to offer furnishings akin to a capsule wardrobe: Items that are compatible with each other and allow creative styling and re-styling, much like a collection of outfits that can create new looks from the same pieces time and time again. The result? It’s versatile and efficient aesthetics that can be easily moved and re-arranged into other configurations.  

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