Smart Idea: Battery-Operated LED Lights

LED lights

PHOTOS Dook PRODUCTION & WORDS Annemarie Meintjes

A single string of battery-operated LED lights can turn a dull day into a celebration.

Visit your local party shop to buy battery-operated LED string lights. Unlike fairly lights with incandescent bulbs, the LEDs aren’t a fire hazard. Since most LEDs come in a cold white light, make sure to ask for ones that emit a warm light. Then shop for accessories to dress the pinhead-sized bulbs to suit your celebration.

We pretended the circus was in town! Paper cupcake cases make great shades, but even better are these little crowns with domed lids that we found in the baby-shower department of the shop. We bought ours at Home Stuff in Johannesburg: a string with 20 LEDs (R19), crowns (R9 each) and cupcake cases (R21 for 10).