Sleep Better With Saint-Gobain


A good night’s rest not only fosters productivity, research shows that it’s critical to long-term health and wellness, too. So what can you do in your home to ensure a great sleep?

While a great bed is a good start, other factors that will affect your sleep quality include noise, air quality, air flow, room temperature and light. Saint-Gobain building materials were used in Stand 47 to illustrate how they can contribute to overall comfort and improved sleep. These materials include a number of Gyproc plasterboards with varying functions such as Activ’ Air – a wall that absorbs formaldehydes to make the air cleaner. Geoffrey Crow, Brand and Marketing Manager at Century Property Developments, was one of the Stand 47 Rest Test Pilots who spent a night at Stand 47 to experience the home for themselves.

“The house was extremely quiet, and I slept much better than I expected to,” says Geoffrey. “Now that I have experienced a luxury home built without bricks for the first time, my perceptions of homes like Stand 47 have changed.”

About Stand 47

Saint-Gobain produces building materials that are geared to help you build a better home for improved quality of life that are also kinder to the environment. Not satisfied with simply making this claim themselves, Saint-Gobain built Stand 47 using their own materials so others could experience this improved home for themselves. The result? A home that offers better sleep, more relaxation and improved productivity levels.

Fancy being one of Saint-Gobain’s Rest Test Pilots? Apply to test the Stand 47 house for yourself at