Skinny laMinx at Heath Ceramics

WORDS Malibongwe Tyilo PHOTOS Heather Moore

Great South African design meets great American design in a collaboration between Skinny laMinx and Heath Ceramics.

California-based Heath Ceramics was founded in 1948 by husband-and-wife team Brian and Edith Heath. Fast-forward to 2003, when another couple, Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey, bought the company and set about re-energising it through boosted productivity, new products and collaborations. In 2008, when Cape Town-based textile designer Heather Moore had just opened her Skinny laMinx online store, Heath Ceramics was one of the first to place a wholesale order with her.

This past June, Heather travelled to Los Angeles. “As part of the Heath Finds series of in-store highlights of retail partners, I got a section of the LA showroom to display an expanded range of Skinny goods,” she says.

As well as supplying goods to order, Heather has enjoyed a collaborative relationship with Heath Ceramics. “I designed and printed aprons for the staff, and I designed a letter-pressed greeting card and a canvas tote for them. We also work together on custom colours for the new seasonal crockery palette so that the Skinny textiles and the Heath crockery make sense together.”

Ever since Heather launched her brand in 2007, she has displayed a knack for securing both local and international business. There’s little that warms our collective VISI heart more than great South African design, and when that design gets to play its part on the global stage, as Skinny laMinx does regularly, we can’t help but glow with pride.

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