Shantell Martin’s Line Illustrations

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES

London-born artist Shantell Martin is known for her signature black-and-white line illustrations that feature on everything from walls, shoes and cars to found objects and even circuit boards.

Her work blurs the boundaries between fine art, technology, performance art and day-to-day living. Through her creations, Shantell’s mission is the quest for identity, both for herself through her pieces and for that of the viewer who experiences them.

Image credit: Matt Doyle

Shantell has had a series of extremely successful solo shows around the world, including at the 92Y Gallery in New York, the MoCADA Museum and The Albright Knox Gallery. She has also collaborated with renowned brands such as Nike, PUMA (we previously featured her collab here), Vitra, Max Mara and Tiffany & Co.

Currently, she teaches at NYU Tisch ITP, working with her students to explore visual art, storytelling and technology.

See more of her work on Instagram and on her website.