Sealand’s New Econyl® Nylon Range

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Local urban outdoor brand Sealand has launched a range of gear made from ECONYL ® nylon, marking them as the first brand in Africa to use this innovative material, created to assist in combating climate change and pollution.

This new regenerated nylon is made from collected nylon waste from fishing nets, fabric, carpet scraps, and industrial plastic. After the waste goes through a regeneration and purification process, a new nylon is formed that has the exact same qualities as a brand-new fossil-based nylon, with the potential to be recycled, remolded, and recreated over and over.

Most plastics are derived from fossil sources, contributing exponentially towards global warming, and ocean and land pollution. A call by experts for the United Nations set a target of zero new plastic pollution by 2040 to combat this pressing issue and assist in the combat of climate change. 

Sealand co-founder Jasper Eales explained: “Sealand was built around our love for the sea and the land that we live on. Our mission is to protect nature and the outdoors that we love, and to ensure that every decision that we make keeps the planet and its people front and centre. All of our bags and apparel are made from upcycled or recycled waste, or from responsibly and carefully sourced materials.”


“The launch of the product range made with ECONYL® is the biggest product and material progression that Sealand has made to date, and it takes our commitment to the planet one step further. It’s said that up to a million tonnes of lost and discarded – or “ghost” – fishing nets enter the ocean every year, causing untold damage to marine life and habitats. To be able to use a fabric that can create value out of waste such as this, and which can play a role – however small – in removing it from our natural environment, is incredibly important to us,” he continues.

ECONYL® has been used globally in collections by leading global fashion names including Stella Mccartney, Gucci, and Luis Vuitton.

“This is a premium material, which is also incredibly durable and functional. It has a water retardant built into it, so it is also water-resistant. Our products are built for adventurous high-performance lifestyles, so these are a natural extension to our range,” continues Eales.

Like all Sealand gear, the new range is meticulously handmade in Cape Town, and is durable and made to last. The new range made with ECONYL® includes four products – the Buddy S backpack, Rowlie backpack, Moon cross body bag, and the Dune M duffle bag – in three colours and will be available online at as well as in all Sealand stores.

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