Salsify’s New Eco Ceiling Installation

WORDS Michaela Stehr PHOTOS Supplied

An artistic ceiling installation at Salsify at the Roundhouse emphasises sustainability and creates an awareness about ocean pollution.

The award-winning restaurant’s brand-new interior was designed to highlight and mirror the sustainable focus of Chef Ryan Cole’s plates, bringing an eco-conscious element to the decor too. A new “Seasonal Room” was introduced in 2022, which will be constantly changing along with the seasonal menus, working in symbiosis with the menu design.

Located in the central chamber of the restaurant, the first iteration was a hanging floral installation designed by local floral artists, Opus Studio.

The latest redesign highlights an issue that Chef Ryan Cole takes very seriously, seeming from his close relationship to the ocean coming from a family line of fishermen.

Supervised by interior designer Jean Francois de Villiers of JFDV Interiors, in partnership with Pillar9, Platform Creative and Magpie Art Collective executed the vibrant ceiling installation made entirely from ocean plastic waste, transforming the litter into striking lighting features.

“What excited us about the Salsify brief was not only chef Ryan’s shared passion for plastic waste, which often makes it into our oceans but also the rare opportunity to reach a larger captive audience – in the form of the diners who would spend a good few hours seated under the piece,” say Tielman and Scott of Magpie.

Salsify Ceiling Installation

Divided into two sections, the piece was inspired by environmental artist Janet Ormand’s work, the plastic sea sculptures of Tony Craig and Alexander Calder’s mobile pieces. Along with these figures, the team also drew inspiration from flora, fauna, dunes, critters, coral and the motion and textures of water for their creation.

Built on a mild steel frame, the plastic beach was constructed in varying shapes and patterns, all hand-cut and assembled in organic forms around blue and white LED neon strips, building a bold and moody ethereal world.

The final touch is a feature wall of monochrome jellyfish by local wallpaper expert and designer Cara Saven, completing the illusion of immersion in the ocean.

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