SA Instagram Inspiration

WORDS Debbie Loots

Whether you’re an Instagram fanatic or a newbie to sharing your pictures with the world, make sure you follow these cool Instagram accounts, featuring, in no particular order, 5 local architects, designers and decor experts.

1. @mrchandlerhouse

You’ve just got to love how Cape Town designer Michael Chandler’s gorgeous nature scapes show his obsession with the decorative arts and craft movement.

2. @renee_rossouw

Architect and artist Renée Rossouw’s passion for pattern is written all over her account. See if you spot the inspiration behind her new Liquorice range!

3. @skinnylaminx

We just can’t get enough of the lovely prints designer Heather Moore seems to churn out by the dozen (not to mention all the cool quirky shots she posts in between).

4. @stokperd

Bright, retro, modern, chic. Four words that describe crafter of all things custom, Monya Eastman’s beautiful posts.

5. @ilzewolff

Renowned Cape Town architect Ilze Wolff will have you dreaming of faraway places, designs by Le Corbusier and special furniture from way back when with her posts.

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