Ross Symons: 365 Days Of Origami


VISI chats to Ross Symons about what the future holds for his awesome paper project.

A bit of background about Ross:

I’m 32 years old and live in Cape Town. I grew up in Jozi and moved down about four years ago. I quit my job seven months ago to start a business with a friend and origami took hold of my life, which I am now pursuing as a full time career. I now do origami installations/window displays, I sell my art, I teach origami and I want to work with brands and other artists on activations and campaigns.

Why paper?

I did not choose paper. It chose me.

I cannot say that I consciously decided that I wanted to become an origami or paper artist. I was always folding paper cranes while I was supposed to be working and I’d always tear the labels from my beer bottle and fold it into something. It was a creative outlet for me that eventually became an obsession.

What I love about paper though, is that it is something you can find anywhere. You can paint, draw or write onto it but it’s seldom that a single sheet gets turned into something. I enjoy turning a flat sheet into something 3D and recognisable.

What can we expect when 365 days have come and gone?

I started this project with one goal in mind, to prove to myself that I could do one thing every day for an entire year. So right now, that is all I am focusing on. What happens next year will reveal itself.

I would love to work with other artists, locally and internationally and keep inspiring myself and those around me to do what makes them happy.

We aren’t here for very long, so we might as well be doing what we enjoy and helping others do the same along the way. But I will be folding paper, that’s for sure…

What happens to your creations once you are finished folding?

Friends of mine are keeping many of them in their office, Wonderland in Woodstock as decoration. They are hanging on mobiles around their office. It looks really cool. But there are some that I will keep for myself as a reminder of what I did in 2014. 

Do you do commissions?

Yes, I do commissions and sell folded pieces of my existing designs. I also set up origami window displays.

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