Rich Mnisi’s Furniture Debut

WORDS Mary Garner IMAGES Hayden Phipps

The creation of these striking pieces sees renowned South African designer Rich Mnisi make a move from fashion to furniture design.

The design, which consists of a limited edition navy chaise and matching stool, follows on from his latest fashion collection launched in Lagos in October 2017, entitled Nwa-Mulamula, after his late great-grandmother. The concept behind its winding, organic design has intrinsic meaning for Rich.

“For me, the chaise, which takes the shape of Nwa-Mulamula‘s (The Guardian’s) body in the form of a navy leather couch, represents her presence and long-lasting teachings,” says Rich. “And the stool, in the shape of an eye with gold puddles, represents her tears, which were never in vain. Without her pain and her experiences, I wouldn’t exist. I couldn’t be the person I am today.”

The designs are on display at Southern Guild in Cape Town’s Silo District as part of Extra Ordinary, a group exhibition running until 16 April 2018.

“I’m very excited about the exhibition, and the opportunity to have had this platform which enabled me to be free, and expand my vision into a whole new and different reality,” he says.

Extra Ordinary also highlights the work of artists and designers Adam Hoets (willowlamp), Atang Tshikare, Chuma Maweni, Daniella Mooney, Douglas & Company, Ferdi B. Dick, Heino Schmitt, Houtlander, Ida Elsje & Philippa Green, Jesse Ede, Madoda Fani, Stanislaw Trzebinski, Trevor Potter, Xavier Clarisse and Zizipho Poswa.

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