Neil Grantham for Nando’s London HQ

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring IMAGES courtesy of Neil Grantham

Johannesburg-based designer Neil Grantham recently created a custom bench for the Nando’s headquarters in London.

Neil’s studio was commissioned by Nando’s UK to create a unique entrance piece for the stimulating new headquarters, a space filled with South African design and even a slide for those who don’t want to take the stairs.

“The slatted kiaat bench twists and turns throughout the space and has a feeling of a kind of curved sculpted art that moves and shifts its shape at every turn,” says Neil.

The bench was shipped as 14 separate components, made up of almost 900 pieces of wood, before it was constructed on site in London, a process Neil says was like building a puzzle. The finished piece measures 18 metres straight across, with 25 metres of seating space.

“As you walk through the doors of the building you’re kind of greeted by what I hope is something that brings wonder and awe to all those that engage with it,” says Neil.

To view more of Neil’s work, follow the studio on Instagram.