PW and PIA Workshop

At the upcoming PW and PIA Workshop at the Ditsong Museum in Pretoria, a host of speakers will tackle a variety of issues. The city of St.Petersburg will be one of the interesting topics covered.

– Phillip Crafford’s seminar will focus on the city centre of St. Petersburg, which has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. This, he says, presents challenges as well as opportunities, requiring a particular approach to land use, tourism and conservation.

– Landscape architect Dr Gwen Theron will investigate the possibilities of designing and setting up a building to utilise the offsets for carbon trading.

– Ronell and Martin Jessen (Jessen D. Dakhile) will focus on benchmarking European best practice in accessibility. The presentation describes good working environments with economical flexibility, without sacrificing quality.

– Well-known architect, author and researcher Dr Jeremy Gibberd will be talking on energy efficiency in building. His research in energy matters relating to the built environment is exemplary and eagerly absorbed by architectural professionals.

The workshop will cost PIA members R550 and non-members R800.

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