Pulpet Paper Cat House

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES via yankodesign.com

Referencing the concept of “if it fits I sits”, Korean designer Taesung Yoon has created Pulpet, a DIY paper cat house for your feline companions.

Made from eco-friendly paper cutouts, Pulpet is handcrafted and assembled in the shape of a geometric sitting cat. The flat-packed pieces need no other parts to assemble the final form. Taesung came up with the idea when realising the joy that is brought through cats sitting and playing in boxes, for both owners and the cats.

The paper is FSC-certified material harvested from responsibly managed and environmentally conscious forests. The material does not puncture if clawed and is durable enough to withstand some rough-and-tumble. It also contains lightfast technology, so it won’t bleach and fade in direct sunlight, and has a neutral, PH and a chlorine-free bleaching pulp, which is safe for cats, humans and the environment.

(h/t) yankodesign.com

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