Morongwe Mokone’s Paper Swans

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring IMAGES courtesy of Morongwe Mokone

Artist Morongwe Mokone, who is originally from Pretoria and is now based in Switzerland, makes colourful swan bowls using recycled paper.

Inspired by her Japanese roommate in London who would make origami pieces for extra money, Morongwe Mokone first started making her paper swans 11 years ago. “I was intrigued by this type of art and had to learn,” she says.

Morongwe’s creations are decorative as well as functional. It takes her about 6 hours to make one sculpture by hand: cutting and folding paper before putting the swan together and sealing it with glue for shine and strength. “I love both colour and practicality,” she says. “I also love the idea of injecting colour into work spaces.”

The swans, which fall under Morongwe’s decor brand Mo’s Crib, will be available at Decorex Joburg in August, and at KAMERS/Makers in Stellenbosch and Irene towards the end of the year. She will also be heading to NY NOW in New York City in August to showcase the paper swans as well as brand-new upcycled designs.

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