Prefabricated Canadian Home by Figurr Architects Collective

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES David Boyer

Enveloped by Ivry-sur-le-Lac’s unspoilt forest and lakeside vistas, this Québec home boasts an extremely low environmental impact and a unique modular designed born of five prefabricated custom modules by Figurr Architects Collective.

Located in a village in the Laurentides region of Québec, Canada, overlooking Lake Manitou, this contemporary build’s prefabricated modules, each approximately 15 metres long, were assembled before being delivered to site.

And although the pre-assembly of elements allowed for optimal working conditions, the transportation of them opened up a completely new challenge for the architects. In order to transport the structures through the surrounding country roads – which encompassed 90-degree turns and inclement weather – the architects relied on meticulous preparation and planning.

Designing the house with a low environmental footprint was the primary focus. From the use of sustainable and local materials to the position of the build, allowing direct sunlight to aid in the reduction of both heating and lighting costs, no detail was left unconsidered. In addition, the building’s wooden façade allows it to blend seamlessly with the surrounding countryside. Notably, the architects are in the process of applying for a LEED Gold certification.

Interiors see each family member afforded their own personal space, while the ground floor functions as an open-plan concept where everyone can come together: an inviting kitchen and dining area, a three-season screened-in porch surrounded by picturesque views, as well as an atelier for painting and carpentry.

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