Power is for the people

WORDS Malibongwe Tyilo, Nadine Botha

Save electricity while staying toasty this chilly season.

1. Kangeri Nomadic Radiator
Recently on display at the Milan Furniture Fair, this heater is not just a looker – the powder-coated aluminium and oak mobile radiator saves energy by warming up the space that surrounds its user, instead of attempting to warm up the entire room.


2. Retro Ceramic Fan Heater
This little silver and chrome stick of 23cm-high dynamite might be in a small, quirky packet, but it packs a punch as a space heater. It also saves electricity by having the ceramic elements controlled by a thermostat, while only the fan runs continuously.

R759, kalahari.com

3. The Wonderbag
Once your pot reaches boiling point, take it off the stove and put it into the Wonderbag, where it will continue cooking without using any further electricity. Ideal for slow-cooked foods like stews and soups, you can also share the warmth this winter by buying two from Kalahari.com for R500, who will then donate one to charity.

R399, kalahari.comnb-wonderbag.com

4. The Spindel
This dryer uses spin power instead of heat to dry fabrics, removing up to 80% of the moisture in three minutes. According to its makers, it also uses 100 times less electricity, and it’s safe for even the most delicate fabrics.

R1 599, spindel.co.za