PIPE DREAMS by Douglas & Company

PIPE DREAMS by Douglas & Company

IMAGES Hayden Phipps courtesy of THEFOURTH

PIPE DREAMS by Douglas & Company uses leftover material to create a new collection of furniture including a daybed, bench and stool.

What do you do when you have a surplus of CLT (cross laminated timber) and scrap high-density chip foam? Well, if you are the duo behind Douglas & Company you dream up a playful collection of furniture, aptly titled PIPE DREAMS.

The collection’s title suggests a state of reverie: “Conceiving of and launching a new collection amidst omnipresent uncertainty felt like a fanciful scheme at first,” says Liani Douglas, one half of the design duo. “But we decided to banish our current state of limbo in favour of a previously unimaginable new reality which is revealing itself. The pure geometric assembly and plump curves of the collection evokes a playful dreamlike state, fitting for a not-so-fleeting daydream.”

There are four pieces which make up the whimsical collection – each piece feature the repurposed CLT and high-density chip foam (leftovers from a recent construction project) complimented with a touch of blush pink leather.

PIPE DREAMS by Douglas & Company
PIPE DREAMS by Douglas & Company
FOOL’S PARADISE & AIR CASTLE – Timber stool & Foam stool

The CLT, made up of high-pressured bonded 20-40mm timber boards in perpendicular layers, provides incredible stability and structural capacity to the coniferous softwoods used for the panels. This layered fabrication process inspired the form and construction of the new pieces. Simple geometric shapes are built up stacking uniform disks of wood and foam, left exposed to evidence the material strata.

The collection launched at THEFOURTH’s exhibition, House Party on 16 June 2021.