Picks of the Week

A super-cute goat barn, a cool local festival poster and a crazy art installation made from sweets are just some of the VISI team’s top picks this week.

1. Bavarian Goat Barn by KÜHNLEIN Architektur

Managing editor Lise Avis thinks it adorable that these goats are living it up in style.

Image credit: Eric Spahn via archdaily.com

2. Candy Land by Tanya Schultz

Freelance content producer Michaela Stehr loves the pastels of this unique artwork. “And it is all made from sweets!” she exclaims.

Image credit: boredpanda.com

3. Oppikoppi 2015 Poster

“The talented Renee Rossouw (+ logo design by the equally talented Jana + Koos) is behind the design of this year’s Oppikoppi festival poster. I just love it!” says online editor Lindi Brownell Meiring.

Image credit: reneerossouwstudio.com

4. Ringly

“Ringly is (surprisingly pretty) wearable tech that syncs with your smartphone and vibrates or lights up when you get a call or notification. As a person who misses calls all the time when my phone’s in my handbag, this is something I need in my life stat!” says special projects manager Cecilia du Plessis.

Image credit: ringly.com

5. Thomas Heatherwicks Learning Hub

“I wouldn’t mind studying inside a giant parsnip,” says features editor Tracy Greenwood.

Image credit: dezeen.com

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