Picks Of The Week

From flatpack plant pots and abstract artworks to the world’s biggest bicycle garage and portraits made from tulle, these are VISI’s top picks of the week.

1. Megaliths in the Bath House Ruins by teamLab

Art collective teamLab’s new exhibition on Japan’s Kyushu island features a mesmerising new artwork situated within Mifuneyama Rakuen Park’s bath house ruins. A program renders artworks onto a series of “megaliths” in real time, which once seen, will never be visible again.

Images via teamlab.art

2. The World’s Biggest Bike Garage

The Dutch city of Utrecht has opened the world’s biggest bike garage, designed by Ector Hoogstad Architecten in collaboration with Sant & Co firm and Royal Haskoning DHV. The multi-level underground space can accommodate 13 500 bicycles.

Image credit: Petra Appelhof via ectorhoogstad.com

3. Recycled Plant Pots

POTR pots, developed by engineers Andrew Flynn and Martin Keane, are self-watering flatpack origami-inspired plant pots made from 100% recyclable materials. Better yet, these designs claim to be 100 times more carbon efficient than regular pots.

Images courtesy of POTR

4. Netting Portraits by Benjamin Shine

Multidisciplinary artist and designer Benjamin Shine creates unbelievable portraits using tulle fabric. For Benjamin, his work focuses on the concept of “energy, impermanence and the relationship between the spiritual and the superficial”.

Images via thisiscolossal.com

5. Jason Anderson’s Pixelated Landscapes

Artist Jason Anderson, who used to restore stained glass, uses pale pastel oil paint to create abstract cityscapes, each with its own focal point. “I am fascinated by colour and work with a strong palette to create deep impasto effects with the paint,” says Jason on his website.





Images via jasonandersonartist.co.uk