Picks Of The Week

From footwear made from plastic found on beaches and a new chair from Woodbender to a 3D mural by graffiti artist Peeta and fun ceramic planters, these are the VISI team’s top picks of the week.

1. Woodbender’s New Henley Chair

Woodbender, the Western Cape-based bentwood furniture manufacturer, has launched a new chair. The Henley is inspired by the original Windsor chair, and is named after the English town Henley-on-Thames. Featuring a five-spindle backrest and a removable seat, the Henley aims to stay true to the original Windsor classic while simultaneously strengthening the design.

Image credit: Justin Patrick, courtesy of Woodbender

2. adidas Launches ALPHAEDGE 4D X Parley For The Oceans

The ALPHAEDGE 4D X Parley collaboration features a geometric lattice-covered, sport-inspired shoe, made using Ocean Plastic®, namely plastic found on beaches and on the coast. This is then spun to create the material used for this performance design. The ALPHAEDGE 4D x Parley, retailing at R5 999, is now available online.

Images courtesy of adidas

3. Abby Ozultug’s Ceramic Planters

Ontario-based ceramic artist Abby Ozultug (who runs the brand CeramicSense) creates happy-looking planters for the home. Her smiling designs make the plant itself look like a fun, green hairstyle.

Images via ceramicsense.com

4. Block & Chisel’s New Cape Town Showroom

Local furniture, homeware and decor brand Block & Chisel has opened a new showroom at 122 Kloof Street in Cape Town. The idea behind the design was to create an inspirational space that gave context and scale to each piece.

Image credit: Marike Herzberg, courtesy of Block & Chisel

5. New Mural by Peeta

Venice-based graffiti artist Peeta, otherwise known as Manuel di Rita, has completed a mesmerising mural project in Germany. The geometric mural combines twisting curves with a palette of blue, grey and white to create a 3D design that drastically changes the way in which one views the facade of the building.

Images via Colossal