Pichulik’s Nascent Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

WORDS Palesa Kgasane IMAGES Michael Oliver Love (campaign) and Alix-Rose Cowie (model images)

Celebrating the regenerative cycles of rebirth, PICHULIK‘s Spring/Summer 2021 collection, like previous collections, is laden with symbolism that’s weaved into the designs.

Shimenawa Earrings. Image credit: Michael Oliver Love.

Nascent, a birth or beginning, like a civilisation, a trend, an idea, is the beginning of something  significant; an apt name for a collection that celebrates the opportunity to start over after these unprecedented times.

For Spring/Summer 2021, the handcrafted jewellery brand features monolithic, sculpted pieces, from circular- and oval-shaped designs to the signature PICHULIK tied rope stack. The cohesive collection makes use of a variety of materials, from raw lava stone, rope and burnished brass to glass beads and amazonite.

Bindu Earrings. Image credit: Alix-Rose Cowie.

The individual pieces in the collection each hold a specific meaning:

The Astarte Horn neckpiece celebrates the Phoenician goddess of manifestation and transformation; the brass disc in the Noor earrings aims to amplify one’s own light and deflect negativity; the sculptural, knotted Shimenawa earrings adopt a Shinto tradition of demarcating sacred space; the Bindu earrings, embellished with concentric circles and shell details, celebrate the endless potential of creation; and the Ouroboros hoops, with their repetitive bead embellishment, speak to the regenerative allegory of the snake eating its own tail – the old is swallowed by the new, and so the cycle continues.

Shimenawa Earrings. Image credit: Michael Oliver Love.
Ouroboros Earrings. Image credit: Michael Oliver Love.

Each PICHULIK piece is intentionally shaped, handcrafted and embellished to embody the sacred storytelling of ancient wisdom.

Browse the Nascent collection, and more PICHULIK pieces, online at pichulik.com.