Planters by Indigenus


Indigenus designs and creates beautiful, durable planters with a deep appreciation of the influence that great sculptural planters can have on a landscape.

The brand’s contemporary designs are created in collaboration with leading designers, architects and artists who share the same ideals as Indigenus founder and director, Peter van der Post.

“Indigenus planters all have a close connection to the earth,” says Peter. “This is expressed through a stable and grounded design, made with beautiful natural materials. Each planter has an underlying story of our relationship to the natural world.”

Indigenus’s Soma collection, designed by Laurie van Heerden, has become an iconic part of the Indigenus range. Inspired by the “anchoring presence” of trees, the Soma planters create a powerful impact on any landscape or interior and act as art pieces in their own right. They’re also a simple yet effective way of bringing nature back into our spaces.

“Home has returned to the centre of our lives,” says Peter. “We believe beauty and nature nourish the soul.”

Available in a range of sizes, from large statement pieces to smaller tabletop planters, Indigenus’s planters can be assembled together in varying heights and sizes or be placed individually on the ground, in a corner or on a raised surface.

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