Philippe Bousquet at Southern Guild

WORDS Cheri Morris

Southern Guild presents a solo exhibition entitled Between Dawn and Duskfeaturing over 100 pieces by Philippe Bousquet.

The highly-acclaimed assemblage artist will be presenting his renowned jewel-like sculptures and introducing new directions in his work, including fine art, portraiture and larger-scale structures. The show presents Philippe’s intellectual unpacking of the space that we perceive between the two states of dawn and dusk.

For Philippe, there is no dark and no light; they are merely concepts created by our minds. Through this thinking he hopes to create an open invitation for the audience to seek meaning within grey areas and to look beyond the traditional constructs that we are faced with for a deeper story.

Through the traditional form of assemblage that involves the creation of art with found objects and discarded items, Philippe intends to offer a story that is open to interpretation based on the audience’s personal experiences, political stances, religious views and social commentary.

The exhibition runs from 24 March to 26 May and is located at Unit 1, 10-16 Lewin Street, Woodstock, Cape Town.