OKHA’s Rational and Irrational Side Tables

WORDS Amelia Brown

Cape Town-based design studio OKHA has released a pair of side tables designed by Adam Court to be “an assembly of elements, a visual Haiku, the fewest amount of syllables expressing the maximum possible”. 

The Rational table appears to be an exercise in absolute reductionism: It gives the impression of being composed of a basic structure, but as you look a bit closer you can see its complexity. Made of four wafer thin waxed mild steel plates, its subtle A-frame form’s light appearance belies the heavy metal makeup. It is, in fact, a paradox of Deconstructivism and Constructivism.

Made of the same metal, Irrational stands slightly taller and features rows of circular precision cut-outs, which lend it a Jean Prouvé industrial feel.The raw mild steel (carbon steel) form has been naturally oxidised and waxed multiple times to bring a delicate, sensitive patina.

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