Oggie’s Parkhurst Showroom

WORDS Gareth Van Niekerk IMAGES Dook

Oggie’s new showroom in Parkhurst forms a supremely good-looking backdrop against which to admire the brand’s lustworthy product line.

Parkhurst’s 6th Street has become a bit of a haven for design in Johannesburg, and the arrival of the spectacular new showroom for Oggie has taken the suburb’s design status to a new level. Created by Carl Jacobsz of architects C76, and with interiors by Megan Hesse and Andrea Kleinloog of HK Studio, the sprawling structure of wood, glass and abundant vegetation is the perfect setting for Oggie’s marvellous wooden flooring options.

The building, which faces 6th Street, rises up from the street in a series of brick and glass boxes that are framed in a connected façade of shoji screen-like wooden apertures, shielding yet also ever so elegantly revealing what might be going on inside the interior spaces. Inside it is a glorious expression of light, and Parkhurst’s abundance of trees and other greenery creates the sense that the building has become part of the suburban canopy itself. Wall cladding, flooring and ceilings all made from Oggie products add another layer of natural texture, connecting you back to the landscapes outside the windows.

“We wanted a space and building that reiterated what Oggie flooring’s products stand for, so we focused on nature, light, simplicity and warmth,” Carl explains. “The brief was simple: originally, Oggie wanted a showroom space on the ground floor with rentable office space for like-minded people on the first floor. But as we moved along, it became clear they needed the entire showroom for Oggie products. After that, they pretty much left it up to us to do our thing, and design a building that complements the Oggie brand. The company believes in the professionals they appoint, and trusts in them, which is a wonderful philosophy to hear from a client when starting any built project.”

The interiors continue to explore the material qualities of natural products, while also complementing the organic textures with metallic accents that bring the space squarely on trend, giving it a fresh feel. “We were lucky to have a beautiful, interesting base to work off from the architects,” says Megan. “We were also lucky to be able work with the incredible product that is Oggie, and apply it to floors, ceilings, walls and furniture, which instantly imbued the space with warmth and sophistication. We focused on detailing throughout, as well as on the use of materials that are authentic in principle, such as marble, stone, brass, steel and, of course, timber.”

The space offers a rare opportunity to experience the full product offering from one of VISI’s favourite local brands. Oggie’s new home is the perfect place to explore ideas for your own home or office, and immerse yourself in a building and decor approach that pushes the boundaries of how we connect with traditional showroom spaces.