Offices redesigned: 70 Prestwich

Offices are no longer the drab, miserable places they often were a few years ago. A radical shift has taken place with regards to how working space is perceived and approached – one need only take one look at the Google offices to understand the transformation.

Companies and corporations have seen the light and realised that bright, open spaces with good facilities ultimately lead to higher productivity and happiness in the workplace. In an era where working remotely is an increasingly  plausible option, office spaces also need to be overly attractive to employees as a positive space in which to work.

Cape Town is no exception to the rule and local companies have been quick on the mark; there are many attractive, well-designed and character-filled office spaces around town. One of the newest can be found in trendy, design-centric Green Point., where Land Equity Investments have created a top class office destination called “70 Prestwich Street”. Designed by the renowned Peerutin Architects and Kyle Roux Interiors, the building has a clean, contemporary feel. Whilst its central location and proximity to major highways make it extremely convenient as a destination, the modernist inspired furnishings and raw interior elements create an aesthetically pleasing space in which to work.

The Land Equity Group were adamant that the development should fulfil the rapidly changing needs and demands of business owners and tenants. As a result, ceilings were ripped out to give high ceiling volume and light, super-high-speed bandwidth was installed and communal space made a prominent feature. Tenants also have the freedom to establish their own identity within their given space.

Situated so close to the amenities of the V&A Waterfront and CBD, “70 Prestwich Street” represents a new breed of office space, combining state of the art design with a vibrant and exciting surrounding environment.

We have no doubt that with WDC2014 coming into view and its legacy Fringe project well under way, more top class developments such as this will continue to pop up around the mother city.

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