New Launches Spotted at Cape Town Furniture Week ’24

New Launches Spotted at Cape Town Furniture Week '24

WORDS Gina Dionisio PHOTOS Lukas Stander (Wiid Design); Hannah St Clair Photography (CTFW)

As one of Cape Town Furniture Week’s main showcases, the New Design Exhibition featured exciting new pieces by a handful of local brands.

The New Design Exhibition, an official Cape Town Furniture Week showcase highlighted new pieces by both emerging and established brands and designers based in the city. The exhibition, which included pieces from exhibiting brands and designers, include Arrange Studio, Ben Kennedy design, Bupa Studios, Curación Collection, Frystark, Greg Marshall Design, Hoi P’loy, James Mudge Furniture Studio, kfa, Louw Roets, MEUBLE Fine Furniture, MŪVEK, Pedersen + Lennard, RYA, Studio Lloyd, Vorster & Braye Ceramic Design, and Wiid Design, embodied the mission of Cape Town Furniture Week as a platform for launching new designs and driving innovation in the local contemporary furniture industry.

The showcase took place at 61 Loop Street (the CTFW’24 festival hub) alongside the PR0T0 exhibition, The Flynn Chair by Woodbender, The Kramer Lounge, and AW/AGILE x HUT by Always Welcome and Kino.

Below, are a few new pieces which caught our eye.


New Launches Spotted at Cape Town Furniture Week '24

Iconic SA Mid-Century Modern furniture brand Frystark revealed their new dining chair. The brand also won the ‘Best In Show’ Award (voted by the public) in the inaugural CTFW Awards.

Hoi P’loy

New Launches Spotted at Cape Town Furniture Week '24

Bespoke lighting studio Hoi P’loy unveiled Rise & Fall – a new pendant light which was originally just a concept on left on the drawing board. “The truth is for the past 8 years or so we’ve wanted to complete this design, but we never really managed to push it through. The positive response from our “Designs That Didn’t Happen” post was a great push for us to make this happen,” says the brand.


New Launches Spotted at Cape Town Furniture Week '24

Kevin Fellingham Architects launched two new ‘industrial’ outdoor chairs, Holey Moley and Linea. The two prototypes are the result of the architectural firm’s desire to explore new ways of working with steel.


N I S H launched their B J O R N rug in collaboration with tactile collage artist Britt Appelgryn. N I S H took home two CTFW Awards this year – the ‘New Design Award – Objects’ for the B J O R N rug and the ‘Best Display Award’ for HAN and N I S H for the ‘NAN Lamp’ window display at HAN Studio, 31 Loop Street.


New Launches Spotted at Cape Town Furniture Week '24

Philip Kramer revealed his new The Gradient Light in a ‘Phonebooth’ colourway. The innovative lighting design also won the ‘New Design Award – Lighting’ at the inaugural CTFW Awards.

Wiid Design

New Launches Spotted at Cape Town Furniture Week '24

Wiid Design officially launched its new BISTRO Collection comprising a foldable café table and two chairs. Designed with practicality, functionality and beauty in mind, the stainless steel table is foldable and can be mounted or hung on a wall, like a visual piece of art. 

CTFW Awards

This year saw the introduction of the CTFW Awards, which includes an award for Best in Show, decided by public vote. The gongs, designed by ceramic design studio Vorster & Braye, were awarded:

New Design Award – Furniture:

  • David Krynauw Design (exhibiting with Clout/SA) for the ‘Hart Ruk’ Bed

Special mentions:

  • Tonic for the ‘Dan Coffee Table’
  • James Mudge Furniture Studio for the ‘Harrington Chair’

New Design Award – Lighting: 

  • Kramer for the ‘Gradient Light in Phonebooth’

Special mentions:

  • Hoi P’loy for the ‘Rise-and-Fall Pendant’
  • Mash T (exhibiting with Clout/SA) for the ‘Palm Light’

New Design Award – Objects:

  • N I S H for the ‘Bjorn Rug’ (in collaboration with collage artist Britt Appelgryn)

Special mentions:

  • MŪVEK for ‘Object 3’
  • Wiid Design for the ‘Angled Cork Planter’

Best Display Award:

  • HAN and N I S H for the ‘NAN Lamp’ window display at HAN Studio

Special mentions:

  • Clout/SA for the display at Sisonke Gallery
  • Woodbender for ‘The Flynn Chair’ display

Best in Show Award (decided by public vote):

  • Frystark

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