New Illustrations By Ishaarah Arnold

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring IMAGES courtesy of Ishaarah Arnold

Cape Town-based graphic designer and illustrator Ishaarah Arnold (previously featured here) has released a new collection of illustrations based on the feelings she’s experienced during lockdown.

I wanted this new set of illustrations to be about moments of peace and comfort in the middle of this pandemic,” says Ishaarah, “the moment after a warm shower, a cup of a warm, comforting drink or a favourite yoga pose – a kind of gentle reminder that joy can still be found in the simple moments in life in between the chaos.”

During this uncertain period, Ishaarah has found that she was able to further develop her illustration technique. “The results are more satisfying and I feel like I’ve developed a style that feels like my own. The natural increase in personal time over this lockdown period has really helped to show me that in order to make good work, I need to look inward and not try to follow trends or get sidetracked by what others are doing – something which I think I found myself doing more pre-pandemic when caught up in the rat-race-mentality.”

Ishaarah’s new body of work is available to purchase in the form of limited-edition fine art prints, available via her online shop.

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