New Hyper-realistic Drawings By Arinze Stanley

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley (who we previously featured here) creates hyper-realistic charcoal and graphite portraits that could easily be mistaken for photographs.

His large-scale drawings take hundreds of hours to complete, as every detail is meticulously captured – from wrinkles, hair and sweat to reflections and veins.

Arinze began drawing at the young age of six and has perfected the art through what he calls the three P’s: Patience, Practice and Persistence.

Working purely in greyscale, Stanley likes to capture the raw emotion of his subjects, using his portraits to evoke strong feelings in his viewers, guiding them to develop a connection with his subject matter.

“I draw inspiration from life experiences and basically everything that sparks a feeling of necessity,” he explains on his website. “I find myself spending countless hours working on an artwork to stimulate deep and strong emotions in order to connect more intimately with my viewers.”

See more of his outstanding work on Instagram and his website.