New From Dark Horse

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Local furniture, homeware and accessories brand Dark Horse has just added a series of new designs to its collection.

“It’s the coming together of months and months of hard work,” says the duo behind the brand, co-founders Lise and Jarrad Nelson. “Refining, testing and now sharing.”

New designs include the Lex Coffee Table in Oak with a mild steel frame, and the Ingo Bench series, adding to Dark Horse’s timber offering, as well as a new addition to the Zenith planter range and an extension of the brand’s dining chair offering with the Savile & Oso chairs.


The Oso dining chair is inspired by the Colorado mountain range of the same name.

Oso and Lex

“We thought this fitting for a name, as it’s been a journey to bring our latest piece to life,” explains the duo. The piece, which underwent nine revisions, took the longest to develop at 18 months. For Dark Horse, the design speaks to the brand’s desire to focus on boldness and style, combining sweeping and straight lines with refined stitching details and a curve for maximum comfort. Each angle aims to create a different impression.

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