Lightwell Design’s 3D-printed Drawer Handles

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES

Rolecia Janse van Rensberg, the Port Elizabeth-based creator of Lightwell Design, was chosen as one of this year’s Design Indaba Emerging Creatives.

“Having recently completed my Masters Degree in Interior Design, investigating the role of the interior designer in design-led well-being in office design, I am more aware than ever before of our importance as designers,” Rolecia explains. “We have moved beyond simply meeting the need of a functional object, space or item – and become custodians of shaping the world within which people live – having a direct result on their well-being.”

Her fun, quirky designs include 3D-printed drawer handles that mimic Liquorice Allsorts.

“I collaborated with a friend of mine (ProVolution) who built his own 3D printer,” she says. “We designed these drawer handles together, and he printed them for me. The remainder of the cabinet is made of shutterply, which picks up the language of the striped ‘liquorice’ profile.”

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