New Africandy Store (AC) in Cape Town

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring PHOTOS Ian Goodes

The news that has just opened up a concept store in Cape Town (October 2014) makes us very happy.

Carrying 70 of the country’s most talented designers, both established and up-and-coming, the Africandy store will stock a curated selection of products from their 4 000-strong collection. You can expect to find anything from furniture to small decor items and gift ideas. There’s limited-edition and one-off items on the cards for the store too.

The space was designed by Africandy’s creative director and founder, Chris van Niekerk. “Our store is as much an attempt to galvanise the current state of product design in South Africa as it is a commercial venture,” he says. “We’re particularly interested in what differentiates our product design from its European or American counterparts.”

Visit the AC concept store at 66 Wale Street (formerly Honest Chocolate), Cape Town. To view the full range of products on offer, visit